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Transactional Accounts

Gold Account

A Gold Transaction Account is ideal for both individuals and businesses as it offers the following benefits: 

    • Gold Account debit card
    • CABS Mortgages and Pay-roll loans
    • CABS Term Deposits
    • CABS Internet Banking
    • Point of Sale (POS)/Swipe Machines
    • Access to Zimswitch and CABS ATMs'
    • Paynet
    • CABS Payroll Services
    • Interbank transfer system
    • Bill Payments

Gold Account Product Criteria 

    • Minimum balance of $25.00
    • Interest is capitalised monthly
    • Unlimited cash withdrawals (subject to daily limits)

Blue Account

A Blue Transaction Account is suitable for individuals and offers the following benefits:

    • Blue Account debit card
    • Transaction Account Facility
    • CABS Mortgages and Pay-roll loans
    • CABS Term Deposits
    • CABS Internet Banking
    • Point of Sale (POS)/Swipe Machines
    • Access to Zimswitch and CABS ATMs' 
    • Bill Payments

Blue Account Product Criteria:

    • Minimum balance of $10.00
    • Interest is capitalised annually
    • Cash withdrawals (subject to daily limit)
    • Facility of direct salary payments into account

TextACash Account


Textacash is low cost and easy to access CABS account that can be operated from your mobile phone or by using your Textacash card at any CABS branch, Textacash agent, Zimswitch enabled POS or ATM. 

Key Features
    • Textacash debit card is linked to your mobile phone
    • Access on any mobile network
    • Zimswitch enabled
    • No minimum balance 
    • No monthly service charge
    • Only ID needed to open
    • Safer than carrying cash
    • PIN protected
    • can transact using Textacash card or mobile phone
    • Access account anytime
    • Card can be used on Zimswitch network
    • Salaries can be received via paynet

Customer Help Desk
Telephone:(04) 883823 – 60 ext. 1208/1221/1211/1232
Toll free number (Econet): 08080012/3/4

Agent Locator 
View TextACash Agents

Products & Services
    • send money to any cell number
    • top up airtime
    • check balance 
    • purchases 
    • cash back
    • deposits
    • cash withdrawals
    • transfers to any Textacash card, CABS card or other bank account
    • bill payments
EasyInsure is a flexible and affordable funeral plan that offers a once-off cash benefit of $1000.00 to cover funeral expenses in the event of death of the insured person
Installment Single Life Family Life
Quarterly $5.00 $12.50
Half-yearly $8.00 $20.00
Annually $15.00 $37.50
For more information call:
Telephone : +263 4 883823 – 60 
Textacash Helpdesk Telephone: 08080012/3
TextACash Agents
 TextACash Agents countrywide offer the following services:
    • Opening of Textacash accounts and mobile sign ups
    • Send Cash to a cell number via POS
    • “Cash out” money sent to a cell number
    • Deposits and withdrawals
    • Balance inquiries
    • Pin re-issues
    • Transfers between bank accounts
    • Airtime purchases
    • Bill payments
    • Card purchases
How to become an Agent 
    • You must have an existing and satisfactory business
    • Accessible geographical location
    • Nature of the trade of the business must be favourable for the processing of banking transactions. 
    • Owned or rented premises. If renting the tenure of the lease is important
    • Valid lease agreement 
    • Structures should be of a permanent nature
    • Floor space and Security
    • Clean track record with regards the handling of Finance and business dealings
    • Staffing of the shop
    • Agent should have an adequate staff complement

Senior Citizen Discounts

Transaction charges are not applied to our clients who are currently 60 years and over, other than the monthly service fee and any cash handling fees. Please let us know your date of birth by filling in a form at one of our banking halls and we'll help to make your lives a little easier.